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  • Summer retreat for the American aristocracy

    Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 3 Comments

    There is something special about spending the long days of summer on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S.  So thought […]

    Sunset at Newport
  • New method of transportation

    Posted on: June 4th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 6 Comments

    We have all seen interesting contraptions in circuses.  But a man rolling down the street with this round cage? Well, […]

  • Raw but brilliant anti-smoking ads

    Posted on: June 3rd, 2012 by Mr Roaming 3 Comments

    Quitting smoking is really difficult but not impossible. These campaigns against smoking, admittedly, do everything they can to convince us. […]

    Anti-smoking ad
  • My Hamptons

    Posted on: May 31st, 2012 by Mr Roaming 9 Comments

    My summer officially began in grand style over this past Memorial Day Weekend (an American holiday marking the beginning of […]

    The Hamptons
  • “Star Wars” Stamps

    Posted on: May 21st, 2012 by Mr Roaming 6 Comments

    Sending snail mail is a dying form of communication that is almost lost in the past due to the new […]

  • Before I Die…

    Posted on: May 16th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 8 Comments

    Enjoy life to it’s fullest. Do you? We always get caught up in the daily routine, busy with all the […]


    Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 11 Comments

    Last year I visited Peru for the first time. Hearing the haunting music of the traveling groups which can be […]

  • Mykonos – Windswept Paradise

    Posted on: May 14th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 16 Comments

    A legendary destination for jet setters and party animals. Mykonos really is the island that never sleeps. This paradise is […]

  • A little night exhibitionism in DC

    Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 7 Comments

    After almost of month of hearing about something innovative in the usually conservative Washington, I decided to visit the latest […]