White House Skiing Report

Posted on: February 26th, 2014 by Mr Roaming 5 Comments

I have been skiing every winter for the past 15 years. My favorite place in America is and will always be Colorado, as I have a special place in my heart for Aspen and Winter Park. However, living and working in Washington doesn’t make it easy to fly there, and due to distance you can’t just pop in for the weekend. So, if you are visiting DC or living in the city now, here are my top three resorts for skiing near DC, VA, & MD.


Liberty Mountain Resort


Liberty Mountain Resort in Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania, is the most convenient resort for Washingtonians, just an hour from the Beltway. Many of my friends have swung by after work to get in a little skiing under the stars – you can leave work at 4 and be on the slopes for the 5-to-10-pm ticket. The snow can be good enough (although sometimes icy). If you like moguls, they have trails with bumps. I want to improve my ski bump skills, and I thought the mogul runs were great for some exercise and improvement. I had a few wipeouts at Liberty, so they definitely have some difficult and challenging terrain.

Bumpy ride

Bumpy ride


Whitetail Mountain Resort


Whitetail Resort, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania is 1½ hours from Washington, is bigger than Liberty. You can get there easily on a Saturday morning for a day of skiing. I think it is one of the most decent resorts in the immediate area. It is also quite scenic. It can get crowded really fast and the cafeteria is very disorganized, being used also as a “locker room”. The high speed lifts make it possible to get in lots of runs — plus – – they have a cool thing that nobody else around has … “valet parking”! It costs extra of course — but a cool way to pamper yourself.

In an escape to the mountains, getting there is half the fun.

On an escape to the mountains, getting there is half the fun


Snowshoe Mountain Resort


The region’s largest ski resort is also the farthest from Washington at 4½ hours. However, it is totally worth it to go for a weekend getaway. With 57 trails, Snowshoe is not only the largest ski resort in the region; it also has the highest vertical drop (1,500 feet) and the most natural snow (an average of 180 inches annually), although all 251 acres are covered by snow-making if necessary.

Snowshoe Mountain is def the grandest for snow in the mid-Atlantic area.

Snowshoe Mountain is definitely the grandest ski village in the mid-Atlantic area


Although ski season is almost done, March can be quite unpredictable and grant the ski lovers some more natural white stuff.  And keep your eyes wide open as you might run into some of the power-players of the White House Administration on the slopes.


5 Responses

  1. Jasper says:

    Nothing like the west coast. Recently moved to NC. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Jasper says:

    Nothing like the west coast. Just recently moved to NC. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Marc says:

    Ahhh, skiing in the mid-atlantic. Always a challenge. But I have to confirm that this year it has been surprisingly good. Snowshoe, WV is a great option.

  4. jonny says:

    Cannan Valley is also decent in VA. But nothing beats UT or CO!

  5. Shey says:

    Mid-Atlantic skiing is always a frustrating experience (I agree with Marc above). Some years it’s all snow, others it’s ice-y. This one goes down for the ages as a great season. Spent a whole week in Snowshoe (just a few hours from where I live). It was excellent conditions for the better part of the trip. excellent choices for us on the East Coast.

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