Painting the favela red

Posted on: October 12th, 2013 by Mr Roaming 6 Comments

Despite the dangerous and seedy reputation that favelas have in Rio de Janeiro, it is from these self-governing communities that some of the most influential urban artists and cutting edge musicians have emerged. With their status as isolated ghettos, these neighborhoods seem to need just a little positive reinforcement to show some signs of hope for humane living.

Favela 1

Project by Favela Painting

favela 2

Favela Painting: Rio Cruzeiro, realized in 2008

This is the kind of attention the most recent Kickstarter project is trying to accomplish through the innovative thinking of Dutch artists Haas & Hahn. They visited the favelas of Rio in 2005 and wanted to reach these communities through the creative process of painting the neighborhoods. The goal is to “provide an opportunity for people to transform their own neighborhood from a place seen as negative to a place that is able to communicate its creativity, beauty and innovation to the outside world through art.”

favela 3

Through this Kickstarter project, donations are being collected for the realization of this endeavor.


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  1. serge says:

    What a wonderful idea and an even better posting of yours. Should be a big boost to attention for the favela problem.

  2. carol says:

    A very important post about an important issue in an extremely important country. Good looking out.

  3. dc says:

    i love this project

  4. sherry says:

    This is a magnificant project. I love Brasil – I have visited many times and the culture and essence of the population is something truly special.

  5. SL says:

    I hope morely projects are realized like this one – excellence.

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