Winter Park . . . just as I left it

Posted on: January 23rd, 2013 by Mr Roaming 13 Comments

More than ten years ago, while on my summer school vacation in Brazil, I worked in Winter Park Ski Resort, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Winter Park is the oldest and closest ski resort to Denver, located just 98 miles from DEN (Denver International Airport).

But don’t let the relatively close distance fool you.  It is located directly across from the Continental Divide – a chain of mountains that marks the water sheds in the Americas.  All of the snow that falls on one side of the mountain, melts into rivers that eventually run into the Pacific Ocean thousand miles away.  What’s more, Winter Park receives an average of 365 inches of snow per year, most of which is the light, fluffy champagne powder that we skiers love!


Sunspot Restaurant, the “it” chalet on top of the Zephyr Lift


Winter Park

Winter Park Resort is the oldest continuously operating resort in Colorado.

Winter Park


Old town Winter Park

There is a free shuttle that runs throughout town and takes visitors to the ski village. In town you will find stores, restaurants (my favorite is Deno’s) and bars.  The friendliness of the town is evident all over, as locals are more than happy to provide directions, give suggestions, and even tell a story or two about the history of their resort.  All this makes for a laid back mountain atmosphere experience.


The town of Winter Park is an hour and a half’s drive from Denver, Colorado


Deno’s Restaurant – best après ski in town

The great memories I had from the past which made Winter Park a magical place, came rushing back the moment I returned.  The village, with its one street leading to the next town, Frasier, is simply unforgettable;  so much so, that my friends and I went back this season for what we called, the First Winter Park Reunion.

We rented a house and spent the week skiing, dining, taking in the stunning scenery and mountain feeling, while catching up and remembering the old good days.  It felt just like yesterday, just as I remembered all those years ago when my life was a little more carefree.

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  1. alexander says:

    I have been throughout the Rockies skiing, but never in Winter park. Thank you for the useful information and great pictures. I think I have my next ski destination.

  2. CA says:

    I went to WP with my family a few years ago. It was one of the best skiing experiences we’ve had in CO. Your pics bring back wonderful memories.

  3. Sylvester says:

    I have never heard of Winter Park. It looks like the perfect place though for a low-key family vacation. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mr Roaming says:

      It is indeed the perfect family vacation place. I went with friends, we rented a house, but it was very low key and relax, yet not boring due to the great snow and mountain.

  4. MC says:

    I also agree. WP is a wonderful place for families and skiers of all levels. And it’s not as pricey as its neighbors to the west.

  5. HJ says:

    Winter Park provides the best of both worlds: close to Denver, excellent slopes and quite inexpensive considering its location. Great post Mr. Roaming.

  6. tomas says:

    We travel to the beaches, the mountains, everywhere with you Mr. R!

  7. jen says:

    Looks like a very homey resort! I must visit soon – maybe for some spring skiing – if there is still some white stuff there.

  8. FD says:

    Spring skiing is in full swing. Great choice of a resort Mr. R.

  9. len says:

    A very undervalued CO resort. Loved looking at these pictures during this scorcher of a day in Dallas. Thanks for that.

  10. Thomas Couvillion says:

    Only six shorts months till snow season!! Great reminder of what’s to come in the middle of a scorcher here in Atlanta.

  11. Lane says:

    It’s 94 F in Charlotte today! Winter and skiing seems like a world away. Winter Park is beautiful.

  12. DF says:

    I have never been to Colorado/Rocky MOuntains. I am looking for a nivce resort to visit from Mexico. I will try this. Thank you. I appreciate the pictures.

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