Boxing Day rush v. Winter Wonderland respite in London

Posted on: December 26th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 13 Comments

So this is Christmas …. well, actually, the day after Christmas, where Central London experiences its own Black Friday madness. Harrods, Selfridges, Bond and Regent Streets. Everywhere you look, incensed shoppers looking for the best deals.




But just a few blocks away, in the middle of Hyde Park, is London’s Winter Wonderland, flush with eateries of all kinds (from crepes, to bratwurst and roasted chestnuts), roller coasters and an enormous ferris wheel making its presence known.




London has put on its Christmas best. A proper celebration indeed!

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  1. Colin says:

    Apparently we spent £3 billion as a nation yesterday! Now, the question is how much mulled wine we consumed! Brilliant!

  2. Larsa says:

    Its really a wonderful tradition thought the Commonwealth nations! But London is special during Christmas.

  3. George says:

    A British institution which was damaged by gang violence and a stabbing in the middle of Oxford Street yesterday.

  4. Caw says:

    Violence on Oxford Street in the midst of a happy shopping day. That’s just horrible!

  5. CraIg says:

    Boxing Day has come and gone indeed and created a hole in our pants. Buggers!

  6. Garry says:

    If you compare Boxing Day to Black Friday in the US you will realize that sales in America are unbeatable! But still a fun time on Oxford, Bond and Regent Streets.

  7. FG says:

    London’s shopping is the best around this time of year. And the streets are so beautiful. As to the above comment about the stabbing, that is unfortunately part and parcel of a big city with big crowds. Shop on!

  8. Sds says:

    Now this is what I was talking about. The Brits know how to extend the holidays! Party on I say!

  9. Lexie says:

    Visited London’s Winter Wonderland. It was a great park and excellent amusement for kids

  10. chis says:

    London always puts on its best for Christmas. The atmosphere is electric and it even seems as if the weather is just a little warmer. Awaiting 2013 with great anticipation!

  11. Jemma says:

    I want to visit next year! London looks great during Christmas, if I can brace the cold weather that is.

  12. nicole says:

    Spent Boxing Day in London two years ago – a blast, but the crowds were overwhelming at times. The deals are to die for though.

  13. sam says:

    Christmas in London and Boxing Day. Sounds perfect. If only the weather could be a little better – or at least some picturesque snow flakes.

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