2016 Rio Typeface

Posted on: October 24th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 5 Comments

OK guys, so you think that putting a logo or text together to market the Olympic Games is an easy task, such as just choosing between Times New Roman or Arial? Wrong, wrong, wrong! There is a lot of work that is put into it and Dalton Maag is there to prove it. The inter-continental studio’s Brazil offices have been busy over the past few months creating a bespoke typeface for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games that is as smooth and flowing as the London fonts were harsh and geometric.

I know that we just finished with the 2012 Olympics, but I am already excited for the ones to come, as they are going to be held in my beloved country, Brazil. Also, the design process fascinates me and learning about it through Dalton Maag’s work, as well as this new set of fonts, gives us a whole new prospective when looking into the promotion materials. Based on the movement of athletes and Brazil’s geological and architectural hallmarks, the font recalls handwritten text and maintains a fluidity of line that’s the result of early sketches in brush and ink. I love it. The looping curves are completely appropriate for Brazil, connecting both Oscar Niermeyer’s architecture and Rio’s iconic figures, such as the Copacabana Sidewalk and the Corcovado.

The design of the Rio 2016 font depicts the essence of the Olympic and Paralympic emblems: Passion and Transformation

Each letter expresses a characteristic of the Rio 2016 Games, its people, and the city,” says the committee.

All the Olympic and Paralympic brand pillars are represented in the Rio 2016 font

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  1. Michael says:

    It is amazing how such a basic issue of a marketing campaign can have a very important effect on its message. Unlike the very uninspiring London 2012 ad campaign, I have to agree with you that Rio’s looks quite inspiring.

  2. al says:

    Brilliant use of fonts to bring out the Brazilian spirit and flavor.

  3. Colin says:

    High expectations from Brazil to organize two back-to-back massive sporting events. It seems they are on a good path.

  4. chis says:

    I love your post – just 3 more years to the big event. It’s for certain that Rio de Janeiro is planning great things!

  5. salvatore says:

    Only 9 months to go and Brazil is going in the spotlight!!!! Best of luck!

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