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Posted on: August 20th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 3 Comments

The man’s style magazine GQ features this week the apartment of Meatball Shop owner Michael Chernow and Ford model Donna Hemmingsen Chernow in Brooklyn. Besides appreciating the decor and style of the place, I identify with their choices – “We used to live in Manhattan, in the East Village. One day we realized we were spending close to $3,000 a month in rent, and we were both making pretty good money at the time, so instead of spending $3,000 on rent, let’s spend it on a mortgage.”

Not long time ago I also bought a house and it was the best decision I made in terms of saving money in rent. I decided to buy in a developing area and shortly after, I saw my investment duplicate. The house needed a lot of work, which for some people is a pain, but for me just added more fun and enthusiasm – I could turn the final project the way I want!

Check our Michael Chernow’s place. I love the way he mixed unique findings with modern elements – “The only thing this place had when we moved in was the kitchen and the floors”. Great job!

The trunk in front of the couch is an antique dowry chest found at Moon River Chattel.

Cool industrial light

I have a very similar trunk right in front of my bed

Great outdoor space. Perfect for entertaining.

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  1. Johnston says:

    I guess NY inspires people as they have small spaces to work with. Excellent post Mr. Roaming.

  2. jen says:

    Mr. Roaming, you write about such unique and special topics. This Brooklyn space is great. I used to live in that neighborhood before I moved back to the west coast. I miss it . . . .

  3. hank says:

    A great article Mr. Roaming about our ever-decreasing living space in NYC and what we can do to make it more utilitarian. Thx!

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