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Check out the best men’s street style from Italy to Greece, shot by me, Tommy Tom and

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  1. John V. says:

    Excellent coverage of some great summer styles. Now, we should all go shopping.

  2. Cassis says:

    I just have to get my husband to agree to wear some of these great outfits!

  3. jaimie says:

    Cool threads Mr. Roaming!

  4. William Reis says:

    Mr. Roaming, your blog about men’s summer fashion is great. I think it’s time I upgrade my wardrobe. It seems that some of these outfits could be found in less expensive stores, which during these challenging economic times, is a great thing.

  5. GW says:

    Summertime is for comfort. Your pictures epitomize all that is great about this season. excellent.

  6. giovanni says:

    Summer fashion at its best. Grazie.

  7. sonya says:

    Some great summer outfits! All these gentlemen look great!

  8. Mani says:

    Beautiful styles for the warm weather around the Mediterranean.

  9. DS says:

    Summer cool indeed – the temps are rising in Southern Europe and everyone is shedding clothes. Your style guide is definitely a welcome direction!

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