Virtual Library of rare photos of Peace Initiatives in the Americas

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Digitalizing books, documents and old photos is a trend that the new world of high-speed technology has imposed in our times. I am an old soul and in some cases, I still prefer to enter the library, hold a book in my hands and feel the strong smell of the old paper print. However, the OAS Peace Fund came up with a comprehensive online resource that spans over two centuries of peace-related initiatives in the Americas aimed at hemispheric integration and the mission of peace.

As you journey back in time you will discover the fascinating evolution of the inter-American system as it strived to consolidate hemispheric peace and stability

The website called Virtual Library of Inter-American Peace Initiatives includes historic documents and photographs from the very beginnings of the inter-American system.

Washington, DC, 1914: Delegates of the Meeting of the Governing Board sitting in the courtyard of the House of the Americas

Washington, DC, 1914: Governing Board members at round table

Punta del Este, Uruguay, August 1961: President John F. Kennedy inaugurating the Alliance for Progress

Each landmark moment in this regional quest for peace is covered with the pertaining speeches, agreements, treaties, historical photographs, news clippings, among other relevant documents.

Arrival of two government officials at the opening of the new building of the Pan American Union

Santiago, Chile, May 28th, 1902: First Treaty on the Limitation of Naval Armament “Pactos de Mayo”, May 28, 1902. Dr. Germán Riesco, Chilean President (left), Dr. José A. Cerry, Plenipotentiary Minister, Argentina (center), Dr. José Francisco Vergara Donoso, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chile (right).

This is a unique resource to learn about the prominent role that the Organization of American States and its predecessor institutions have played in promoting regional integration and hemispheric peace. Likewise, this Library aims at informing about the current role of the OAS in conflict prevention, crisis management and civilian peace keeping operations. To learn more about Peace Initiatives in the Americas here.

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  1. DC20008 says:

    The OAS has one of the best kept secrets in town – its museum. I love the photos of this article. There’s so much history there.

  2. Laurie says:

    I was very much impressed with the history of this organization. I am planning a brief trip to Washington with my husband in October. I will definitely look into some more information on this. Thank you!

  3. Robert says:

    I am traveling to DC in a few weeks. In doing some research about less visited museums, I came across your article. I think I will visit the OAS and I will look into the library. I love the history of the Americas.

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