New method of transportation

Posted on: June 4th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 6 Comments

We have all seen interesting contraptions in circuses.  But a man rolling down the street with this round cage?

Well, last weekend while visiting the Hamptons I came across this man who approached my car and greeted me.

Latest fashion in transportation in Southampton

Is it a new method of transportation? And I thought my Segway was weird . . .

Strolling around the White House with my Segway

6 Responses

  1. John says:

    My vote is for the Segway – I think you can get further with it rather than the round cage!

  2. Marta says:

    I love this cage. I have actually seen similar ones rolling down the street in downtown Portland.

  3. sonya says:

    I love this post! I always wanted to be on a Segway. How awesome. Lucky Mr. Roaming.

  4. JL says:

    How lucky you are to own a Segway! One of the coolest inventions of the past 20 years. It’s amazing to see these modes of transportation being used all around towns across the U.S.

  5. Saul says:

    I love segways! It must be so much fun to be on one! Very nice picture of the new method. Seems a little slow though. Super!

    • Mr Roaming says:

      Thank you very much for your comment, Saul. Please also check our Facebook page and looking forward to hearing from you again.

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