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Last year I visited Peru for the first time. Hearing the haunting music of the traveling groups which can be seen all over the world, one can’t help but imagine what this enchanting land looks like. The Peruvian sounds speak of a place far away from western civilization which experienced cultural and religious growth years ago. However, its way remain mostly unspoiled, even by the recent barrage of tourists seeking to fulfill their search for connection, clarity and spirituality.

Reaching this remote town was truly enlightening. Only the below pictures can showcase why I saw. Please enjoy . . .

Cusco may be the most beautiful colonial city in the Americas, and wins outright for the finest Andean shopping

View of the city from Sacsayhuamán. Roofs of Colonial architecture.

Rotunda of The Church of the “Compania de Jesus”

The 16th-century Cathedral dominates the square, with a vast and sturdy presence, more horizontal than vertical.

The magnitude of the green Cathedral doors

Cross on Cathedral wall

Women enveloped in brightly colored hand-woven skirts and shawls carry heavy loads on their backs, and often have a baby tucked into a shawl among other items, like… a baby lamb.

… and she leaves carrying the baby on her back tucked into a shawl as well as the baby lamb.

The most prominent feature of Cuzco is its central square, the Plaza de Armas

People in each village in Peru may wear a different style of hat; in Cuzco you can see many of the different styles – including a sort of top hat made of straw.

Its cobblestone streets and grand stone churches are reminiscent of Madrid.

The people are Quechua Indian rather than of Spanish descent

The people, who are mostly Quechua Indian rather than of Spanish descent, are congenial and hospitable.

Walls of meticulously cut granite or andesite, narrow streets running within the walls, ruins of the Sun Temple of which the Golden Garden, once covered with sculptures of precious metals, was pillaged by the Spanish soldiers to enrich the coffers of Charles V

Magnificent Inca stonework

The top hat style is not only favored among men but also women.

This picturesque district houses many arts and craft stores, galleries and studios

Door of the arts and craft stores, galleries and studios

Qoricancha (Temple of the Sun)

Columns of the Qoricancha (Temple of the Sun)

View from the superb Qoricancha. The Incas’ incredible masonry and the clash of native and Spanish culture

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  1. Lorena Borborema says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!!Peru is definitely on my wish to visit list!!

  2. clive says:

    This is such a beautiful place indeed! I have visited many times. Peru rocks!

  3. M.N. says:

    I just saw this article while researching my upcoming trip to Peru. Thankfully, I read this because I did not know anything about this perfect-looking town. Great timing. Thank you Mr. Roams.

  4. stan says:

    I have also visited this town. But your pictures are so much better, although I consider myself a photo enthusiast. I have to congratulate you on the quality and inspiration of your images.

  5. kevin says:

    I have never heard of this place. I love your pictures.

  6. The best compliments for your site. Amazing photos. In future I hope to visit such interesting place in Peru. Greetings from Italy, just south of Venice.

  7. Sara says:

    Wonderful pictures mr roaming. You have captured the spirit of this place beautifully

  8. calia says:

    I never had any interest in visiting this country and city until I saw your stunning pictures mr romaing. Thank you for opening new horizons.

  9. GR says:

    This is one beautiful town. I love the pictures you have posted and all the colors that reflect the diversity of this jem. Have read about it for years but want to visit pronto!

  10. david says:

    This is a wonderful article about a little known city. Fantastic mr. roaming.

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