A little night exhibitionism in DC

Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by Mr Roaming 7 Comments

After almost of month of hearing about something innovative in the usually conservative Washington, I decided to visit the latest addition at the Hirshhorn Museum.  Using 11 high-defination projectors mounted around the exterior of the building, Doug Aitken transformed the Hirshhorn Museum, in Washington, DC into the star of the National Mall with the exhibition of Song 1, a one-of-a-kind 360° projection that the artist defines as “liquid architecture.”

The building as a cinema screen is emitting a kind of musical element through the audible soundtrack

People on the street can experience contemporary art without even having to enter the building

The originality of this project was evident from the first moment I approached the periphery of the museum.  In the midst of the night sky, the faint street lamps, the light traffic on Constitution and Independence Avenues, you hear a soothing version of The Flamingoes’ 60s classic “I only have eyes for you.”  And then you look up at the circular structure where what seems as haphazard scenes of various people at work (at a factory, a bakery, a restaurant, etc) are being projected.  What makes it even more special is the fact that the people shown in the projection take turns interpreting the same song in their own individual ways.

And as I prepared to walk away, I was once again pulled in with another loop of the continuing presentation . . . .

Song 1 runs until May 13 outside the Hirshhorn Museum, so hurry up if you are in the Washington area.

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  1. maddy says:

    who wouldn’t love something which goes round and round
    professing the a love song sang by the greatest of stars
    from The Dames, 1934
    The Swallows, 1952
    The Flamingos, 1959
    Frank Sinatra, 1962
    Art Garfunkel, 1975
    Zapp, 1985
    Grenadine, 1992
    Mercury Rev, 1998
    Chuck Brown, 1998
    Mark Eitzel, 2002

    If you let yourself be mesmerized…
    you too, will only have eyes for the musical carousel of the night

  2. Ivan says:

    Mr. Roaming! OBRIGADO!!!!!!! I’ve been procrastinating this affair for weeks, and to know that is about to end motivates me to go asap. I was strongly recommended to go by my best friend, he described as a unique thing to do in the capital, not to mention the romantic part of his experience. Since we talked about it, and after watching the video, it’s something I decided I must see. Hope to experience it soon; to then comment in deep about this experience, which I’m sure would be remarkable.

  3. Andy says:

    It great to finally see DC welcoming some cutting edge art. Great pics Mr. Roaming. Hopefully we will see more of this for the capital.

  4. Kenneth says:

    The exhibit is aesthestically & aurally pleasing. Love your blog!

  5. Savio says:

    Saw it on a rainy night a few weeks ago. I agree with you, it was mesmerising.

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