Don’t you hate it when . . . ? The Angry Bird unloads

Posted on: December 5th, 2011 by Angry Bird 11 Comments

Don’t you hate it when:

1.  You are driving and rushing to get to work and a DC police car is stopped in the middle of the street without any concern as to what effect its presence has on rush hour traffic?

2.  When you are driving around town and have to wiggle in and out of lanes to avoid parked UPS and FedEx trucks which are stopped completely undisturbed by the non-existent police who should be enforcing traffic rules?

3.  You are using your mobile phone to check important email or find an address and the signal completely drops, even though the signal indicator has three bars?

4.  On your way to grab a sandwich at lunch, you run into someone who you have not seen in a few months or years and they want to exchange information, catch up, and plan a long weekend with you all in the few minutes of discussion?  And the your precious lunch break is quickly escaping you?

5.  You are trying to get somewhere either driving or walking and the seemingly endless DC tourists who are in awe or just about everything DC and want to take pictures of virtually every last federal building are blocking your way?

6.  You are going into Pentagon City Mall to grab a gift and have to fight the multitudes of  school kids on field trips . . . to the mall?  When did shopping qualify as a school learning experience?

7.  You buy a delicious imported jar of preserves anxiously imagining spreading it on the perfectly toasted English Muffin, only to take it home and realize that the security seal has been broken and should be returned to the grocery store?

8.  You are desperately looking for a parking spot on Saturday afternoon around town only to observe that 90% of the vehicles parked on the street have license plates from everywhere other than the District of Columbia?

9.  You have clearly been born during the Ford administration and the bouncer insists on trying to find the birthdate on your ID with a flashlight?

10.  You make a reservation at a restaurant, arrive on time only to be told by the pretentious host that the restaurant is very busy tonight and they are running one hour late?

11.  You need to run into the Apple Store to pick up an item and have to fight an inexplicable amount of people using the display iPhones while they have their own in the pockets?  What exactly are they hoping to find?  A vastly different device from the one they purchased jet a few days prior?

12.  You are taking a leisurely walk around town only to be accosted by the psychotic hard core bikers who believe the world needs to clear the way for them because they are preserving the environment?

13.  On that leisurely walk you find yourself around Lafayette Park and must endure the peculiar groups of protesters who are shouting at the White House so that the President can support their cause for saving the nearly existent Southwestern earthworm?

11 Responses

  1. Garmin 1490t says:

    Terrific post. Thanks.

  2. Awesome post, really like your blog :)

  3. Lorena Borborema says:

    Welcome to DC baby:P That’s all you get!!!

  4. Cathy says:

    Here’s another one: don’t you hate it when every street in DC seems to be under some sort of construction? Is there ever an end to this? And if the construction resulted in a better quality of roads, then it would be worth it. But this certainly NOT the case.

  5. Dennis says:

    My addition to the biker comment: don’t you hate it when bikers swerve in and out of traffic during rush hour without any worry about their safety and everyone else’s?

  6. DCAnn says:

    I love this list – it’s so funny that I agree on EVERY SINGLE one!!!!

  7. John of DC says:

    Is it me or is this city robbing its residents and visitors each and every day with bogus tickets? I wonder if anyone will complain loud enough so that this abuse of power ends once and for all.

  8. Greg says:

    Don’t you hate it when the city’s mayor (and mayor of the capital of this nation) is a thief who refuses to resign??? Shouldn’t he step down when 60% of city residents are calling for his resignation?

  9. M. MT says:

    The amount of meter maids and parking tickets issued in this city is growing exponentially. It seems that DC’s budget is based on more and more tickets (many of them not legitimate). I am wondering how many parking tickets are issued in Southwest. Just a question . . . Or is it that everyone is law-abiding in those neighborhoods? Or many is it that it’s best to milk the business community of Northwest so that NE and SE can benefit?

  10. J.N. says:

    I have never been to Washington, but I can offer something from London:

    Don’t you hate it when on the seemingly one day a year when the sun shines, it is so damn hot all over town and the unbearable heat of the underground is stifling? Stiff upper lip!

  11. elisa says:

    I hate it when you’re running to catch the trolley in downtown SF and a bunch of overexcited tourists are snapping pics and the trolley pulls away without you! Argh!!!

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